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Training cycle Warriors for Disincarceration will become a book

On October 29, 2022, we held the 3rd meeting of the Warriors for Release Training Cycle: Legal-Political Training in the Criminal Justice System and Prisoner Rights, in Petrópolis (RJ), a partnership between ISER and the Associação de Mulheres Guerreiras (AMUGUE), a social movement of family members of people deprived of liberty operating in the mountain region. 

The activity was facilitated by ISER's Rights Team and the organizers Ivanete da Paixão (Morena) and Patrícia de Oliveira, who build the State Front for Decarceration/RJ and the National Agenda for Decarceration and act as consultants throughout the development of the Cycle.

Following the methodological and thematic proposal of the Cycle, we collectively discussed the rights of criminal execution, such as public health in the prison system and the various expressions of the anti-black genocide in prison, religious assistance and the struggle for religious diversity and against religious racism in the prison system and the dispute for the expansion of spaces of freedom through remission, regime progression and parole.

The exchanges and meetings produced by the training cycle led us to the idea of producing a book, co-authored by all the facilitators and participants. The idea is to present the themes, questions and experiences mobilized in the workshops, based on the overlap between knowledge and practices, and in the most diverse forms of expression: articles, reports, interviews, narratives, drawings, poems, etc. 

This book, which is already being built by many hands, intends to translate a little of the meaning – and feeling – of the Cycle: exchanges of knowledge that are mobilized for the political struggle against incarceration and all forms of State violence.

Seminar on Criminal Sciences through Extrication

ISER was present at the online seminar Criminal Sciences for Disincarceration, organized by the Criminal Law and Democracy Group, from the Federal University of Pará.

We participated in the Extrication and Social Movements working group, presenting an article that reports the experience of Warriors for Extrication Training Cycle: Legal-Political Training in the Criminal Justice System and Prisoner Rights, a partnership between ISER and the Association of Warrior Women (AMUGUE), a social movement in the city of Petrópolis, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro.

The work was presented by Nina Barrouin, Lucas Matos and Eliene Vieira, from ISER's human rights team, and by coordinators Patrícia de Oliveira and Ivanete Paixão, consultants who work in the training cycle.