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Invitation to the Fundamentals of Community Mediation Course

Enrollments are open for the course on “Fundamentals of Community Mediation”, promoted by the Secretariat for Judiciary Reform, through the National School of Mediation and Conciliation (ENAM). With a total workload of 40 hours, it will take place in the distance learning modality and 1,500 vacancies will be made available to the general public.

It is a partnership between the Ministry of Justice and the National Network of Community Mediation and will be promoted by the National School of Mediation and Conciliation and by the Distance Education Center of the University of Brasília (CEAD – UnB). The National Community Mediation Network was consolidated in 2013 from a meeting that promoted the strengthening and union of Community Mediation actors in Brazil.

The present course, which has the contribution of several Brazilian experiences of Community Mediation, aims to sensitize the community in general to the practice of community mediation, based on a critical reflection on the limitations of conflict resolution models. A proposal will be presented for the transformation of relational models in conflict situations, the transformative potential of cooperative and responsible action in a community, as well as the possibilities of satisfaction for its participants.

Applications can be made from May 26th to June 19th on the ENAM. Confirmation of registrations will occur according to the selection criteria established in the notice – available at the same email address – of the course. Doubts can be removed by contacting the e-mail enam@mj.gv.br, putting in the subject of the message: “Fundamentals of Community Mediation – selection”.

ISER, as one of the institutions that make up the National Community Mediation Network, supports the pioneering initiative to develop a course that deals with issues related to community mediation. Four other courses are planned, which, added to this first one, will form a comprehensive training on the subject.