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The IDMJR – Right to Memory and Racial Justice Initiative, the IMF – Marielle Franco Institute and the ISER – Institute of Religious Studies launch a call for articles, texts, prose, poetry, chronicles and photos to be sent to the next edition of Ruas Magazine and Encruzilhadas, which in this edition has as its theme Memory, Reparation and Racial Justice

The Brazilian State has been producing throughout its history a series of violence and violations of rights in relation to its black, poor and/or peripheral population of the country, which, in order to survive, has resisted based on various strategies and tactics, among them the construction of memories and reparation policies inside and outside institutionalities, producing racial justice in what the popular favela movement called Nós por Nós.

Ruas e Encruzilhadas Magazine is a publication of the Right to Memory and Racial Justice Initiative, and aims to confront the epistemicide and genocide of black, poor and/or peripheral people based on the assertion that we build epistemologies on a daily basis from the streets and crossroads, from the alleys and alleys of the favelas and outskirts, from rural settlements, from urban occupations, from villages, from terreiros and quilombos. 

In each edition of the magazine, we invite organizations and social movements to be directors of the publication, based on their experiences, resistance and expertise. In the first edition, the theme was the Abolition of Police and Prisons; in this year 2 (2023 ) of the magazine, we will have as theme: Memory, Reparation and Racial Justice, in a partnership between the Right to Memory and Racial Justice Initiative, ISER and Marielle Franco Institute

We will select 20 productions for publication: 06 opinion articles (from 02 to 05 pages), 06 free texts (from 01 to 03 pages), 04 poetry, prose, chronicles and/or song lyrics (maximum 02 pages) and 04 photos.
The deadline for submission of proposals will be from 09/04/2023 to 10/25/2023.

The Judging Committee will be formed by the Right to Memory and Racial Justice Initiative, the Marielle Franco Institute and the Institute of Religious Studies and Patrícia Oliveira/National Network of Mothers and Relatives Victims of State Terrorism and National Agenda for Extrication, Jordana Cavalcante/PPGAS /UnB, Researcher linked to the group Desigualdades e Crítica no Brasil Contemporâneo – DESCRIBA and member of Maré – Nucleus of Studies and Research in Legal Culture and Black Atlantic and Rafael Maul de Carvalho Costa/Grupo Tortura Nunca Mais-RJ and Professor at UFRuralRJ

The result will be published and disclosed on 11/01/2023 on the website of the Right to Memory and Racial Justice Initiative (https://dmjracial.com).

All selected products will be part of Ruas e Encruzilhadas Magazine: Resist! which will be launched at the Seminar on Memory, Reparation and Racial Justice that will take place on 11/23/2023. Send your productions in this link!