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Spirituality in perspective: new issue of Religião & Sociedade magazine debates the theme in the social sciences

We are pleased to announce that Vol.40 No.3 of Religião & Sociedade magazine is available on Scielo. The new issue presents the dossier “Spirituality in perspective: debates and approaches to the theme by the social sciences”, organized by Emerson Giumbelli (UFRGS) and Rodrigo Toniol (UFRJ), composed of articles that enrich the debate on the uses of the notion of spirituality as an analytical category of the social sciences.

The opening article, authored by Argentine anthropologist Alejandro Frigerio, is entitled “Finding religion by the force of religions: a proposal to make visible the broad and rich social world that exists between churches and the individual”. Frigerio draws attention to the varied spaces of religious sociability and to the possible large number of organizations related to religious movements where central religious meanings and practices are produced and transmitted to people's daily lives.

Next, Igor Rolemberg, in “Where is the religious? mystic It is spirituality in the political, the public, and the secular., explores the daily work of agents of the Pastoral Land Commission in the eastern Amazon, describing their definitions and experiences of mystique and spirituality.

Augustina Gracia, in “Spirituality, New Era and religion: an ethnographic approach to categories in friction”, operates two movements. First, it addresses the possible links and juxtapositions between the categories of spirituality and New Age, outlining definitions and contrasting the literature on the subject. Second, based on an ethnographic methodology, it explores the tensions between the categories of spirituality and religion, critically resuming the discourse of a series of practitioners characterized as belonging to the New Age circuit in Buenos Aires.

The two subsequent articles deal, directly or indirectly, with health-related issues. In “The soul as a public issue: spirituality and health in the US context”, Leandro de Paula seeks to advance a genealogy of the recent discursive success of the relationship between spirituality and health.

Asher Brum, in “A biopolitical spirituality? Ethnography among nuns, children and adolescents with HIV/AIDS”, takes as an object of reflection a group formed by Franciscan Angelina Sisters, volunteers and family members, who unite around the issue of HIV/AIDS among children and adolescents.

With such a set of articles, this dossier intends to contribute to the growing discussion around the occurrences and characterizations of the “spirituality” category, making use of empirical references that cover varied situations and elaborations that depart from multiple theoretical inspirations.

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Text: Emerson Giumbelli (UFRGS) and Rodrigo Toniol (UFRJ)
Editing: Felipe Lins
Photo: Justice Dodson in unsplash