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[Training] Registration open for new Faith in the Bases training class

Fé nas Bases is an intervention and advisory project offered by ISER to Christian leaders committed to defending rights, promoting citizenship and defending democracy in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro

We will select evangelical and Catholic Christians, who are active in a local social project and available for online meetings on Wednesdays, in the evening. The first part of the project consists of training that will work on topics such as human rights, democracy, promotion of justice, racism, women's rights, among others.

All of these themes are worked on in an applied and contextualized way for Christian people who already have some type of social activity. An aid grant will be made available to participants during the training period.

Interested parties must fill out the registration form by September 25th.

Application form - https://forms.gle/3RBAEQfyC2Dosb4p9