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ISER opens selection process for the area of rights and justice system. Check the notice

ISER's Rights and Justice System area currently works on the interfaces between legal and political training (popular education), knowledge production and articulation and political advocacy, in order to contribute to the strengthening of the fight against prisons and against police violence. 

About the vacancy: 

Daily Activities: 

  1. Participation in weekly team meetings in the area of Rights and Justice System
  2. Active participation in spaces for political articulation in the field of the fight against incarceration and police violence (meetings, debates, gatherings, mutirões, forums and other spaces); 
  3. Support for the development of research related to the criminal justice system; 
  4. Participation in the preparation and organization of advocacy activities in the public debate, based on surveys carried out by ISER.   
  5. Participation in the conception, political articulation and facilitation of the activities of the Cycles of Legal Training – Politics in Justice, Prisons and Extrication.
  6. Participation in the conception, realization and collective construction of booklets and publications produced from the formative cycles, from the perspective of popular education. 

Job profile: 

  1. Commitment to the fight for extrication and against police violence;
  2. Experience with social movements and/or collectives and/or civil society organizations;
  3. Interest in acting in defense of Human Rights;
  4. Alignment with ISER's principles and values;
  5. Familiarity with Office Package, Google Meet and Gmail; 
  6. Ability to work as a team and in dialogue with partner networks;

Information about the work regime: 

  1. Hiring System: CLT 
  2. Hours: 25h/week 
  3. Location: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Attention: This vacancy is primarily intended for black, indigenous, trans people, family members of people deprived of liberty, survivors of prison/socio-educational system and other State violence. 

selection stages

  1. Sending resumes and motivation letter by email selecao@iser.org.br: until 02/28/2023; 
  2. Preliminary interview with the Rights and Justice System team and coordinators of other ISER areas (date to be confirmed directly with the candidate) 
  3. Final Interview with ISER General Coordination (date to be confirmed directly with the candidate)  

About ISER

ISER – Instituto de Estudos da Religião – is a Brazilian civil society organization of a secular nature, whose objective is to promote studies, research and social intervention in the thematic axes of defense and guarantee of rights, criminal justice system, environment and religious diversity . With 50 years of existence, ISER's main work fronts are currently: religion and social justice, structured around two strategic areas, or programs: Religion and Public Space It is Rights and Justice System. Learn more about ISER's work at www.iser.org.br/sobre