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ISER at COP27: opening of the Brazilian Climate Action Hub

The opening of the Brazilian Climate Action Hub, the Brazilian civil society pavilion at COP27, brought a diversity of voices to point the way towards building solutions to the climate crisis. The hub of non-governmental organizations was a space for connection and a lot of dialogue, and had the agenda of climate justice as a common axis for all panels.

Placing the demands of the most affected groups at the center of the debate, titling quilombola lands, undoing the setbacks implemented by the last government and looking at the problems of the Amazon through the lens of solutions were some of the topics that permeated the discussions on the first day of activities at the space. 

After all, how can we talk about solutions for the climate without considering the analytical lens of who is most affected by it? How to guide the climate fairly if most of those who have decision-making power on the subject are not part of the most affected groups? 

Among the organizations that proposed the panels were Empodera Clima, Observatório do Clima, Imazon, Amazônia 2030, CONAQ, Instituto de Referência Negra Peregum, Coalizão Negra por Direitos, Uneafro Brasil and Iyaleta. 

Text: Sharah Luciano