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ISER at COP27: dialogue for climate action and solutions

Fé no Clima, together with the network GreenFaith and members of the Latin Faith Network for Climate Justice, is accompanying the COP27 which runs until November 18th, straight from the city of Sharm el Sheikh, in Egypt.

As in previous editions, the religious segment continues to be present and carry out articulations inside and outside the annual climate change conference.

Leaders, youth and religious organizations of different faiths participated in the “Talanoa Dialogues”. The event, held at the El Sama Eyeen Coptic Church, had a debate among the audience on topics such as finance, loss and damage, adaptation and mitigation.

The opening panel was attended by representatives of faith communities of different faiths, who shared their perspectives on the climate crisis and their roles in the face of such an emergency.

In a second moment, the participants were divided into groups and exchanged experiences and points of view on possible courses of action, guided by the questions “Where are we now?, “Where do we want to go?” and “How do we get there?”.

The organization of Talanoa Dialogues intends to share the summary of the demands raised with the COP's executive secretariat. Yet another example of action that demonstrates the interest and efforts that religious segments have undertaken in taking a stand and influencing the climate agenda.

Text: Sharah Luciano