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Juruti: your gift of struggle is victory!

Gustavo Hamoy

President of ACEJ – Commercial and Business Association of Juruti.

Juruti is a very welcoming city, with all the characteristics of municipalities in our Lower Amazon region. Its foundation dates back to 1883, but before that it was a village of Munduruku Indians, warriors and experts in feather ornaments. With the colonization, it started to have as its patroness Nossa Senhora da Saúde, who is of Portuguese origin. At the time of the empire, it was Parish of Termo de Faro and was part of the village of Óbidos.

As the headquarters did not develop in the established location, the lake region of Juruti Velho, today Muirapinima village district, there was a change to the right bank of the Amazon River. As a result, Juruti became a stopover point for government-subsidized steam navigation. The parish then showed marked progress and became a town. In its history, however, an unusual fact stands out: Juruti lost its status as a municipality twice, for political reasons.

Today, Juruti, with an eye on the future, opens its doors to tourism. Due to its incredible natural resources, such as Lago do Jará, for example, it is one of the assets of ecotourism and adventure tourism in the region. Not to mention the festival of the Amazon tribes. For all this, it received the state decree of tourist resort.

But the city of Juruti after us has to be better than the Juruti girl, from the lyrics of the finalist song for Fecanj by composer Zeca, because “we will build your future with love”, as the verse of the Juruti hymn says, by Francisco Alfaia de Barros. We want each citizen to be a support point in this daily construction, with solid values that help prepare children and young people for this continuous process of transformation. Sow actions and reap conquests, seeking the future in the present.

We want the community's conquests to be ever-increasing, demonstrating that we are the ones who make tomorrow and that our perseverance is the light that illuminates the path towards a sustainable Juruti.