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Nota do ISER e CEJIL sobre caso Favela Nova Brasília

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Six years after the sentence, Brazil continues to fail to comply with the Inter-American Court's ruling in the Favela Nova Brasília case

Yesterday, October 27, 2023, we participated in a private hearing to monitor compliance with the sentence in the Favela Nova Brasília Case, before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDH Court), in Brasília. CEJIL and ISER follow the struggle of the victims and their families, together with various organizations and popular movements that support us in implementing the sentence. 

The case concerns the arbitrary, summary and extrajudicial execution of 26 young people and the sexual torture of three young people and adolescents during two police operations carried out in 1994 and 1995 in Favela Nova Brasília. As is the rule in these cases, there was no investigation or accountability for the crimes. 

In 2017, the Inter-American Court issued an emblematic ruling in which it declared Brazil's international responsibility for failing to investigate crimes and denying access to justice to victims and their families. The sentence is paradigmatic in determining non-repetition measures, which include, among others, the development of a plan to reduce police lethality; the compilation and publication of data on police violence; the independent and impartial investigation of crimes committed by the Police; and the participation of victims and family members in the investigation and legal proceedings.

However, today, six years after the sentence, the Brazilian State has not made any progress in implementing these measures or in holding people accountable for the crimes. As representative organizations, we denounce the impact of non-compliance on the strengthening of a genocidal policy that is the reality in Brazil to this day.

Once again, the victims and families of the case stand up and demand justice and reparation. Once again, the network of civil society organizations and popular movements that historically denounce the extermination of the black, young population, residents of favelas and peripheral areas, acting on the basis of the international sentence, stands up for justice, before the IDH Court.

We will continue to fight for the implementation of the sentence, until all the resolutive points determined by the Court are fulfilled.