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Politics and religion are deeply mixed in Brazil | Bulletin #05/2024

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Hello! All good?

In this edition of our fortnightly newsletter, we offer analyzes of the political situation and the crossroads of religion, highlighted, for example, by Michelle's speech at Bolsonaro's event on the last Sunday of February.

📩 You will also see in this bulletin: Two new publications, the dossier “Religions and (counter) monuments” from the magazine Religião e Sociedade, and the new text in partnership with Nexo Políticas Públicas on the ideas and social movements of spiritualism in Brazil.

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ISER in the media: Michelle's speech in Bolsonaro's act is questioned for pointing out Christian supremacy

ISER directors Ronilso Pacheco and Ana Carolina Evangelista spoke to Folha de São Paulo about the former first lady's speech at the event on February 25th that took place in São Paulo.

Another analysis of the data recently released by IBGE

Researcher Cristina Vital comments on some Census data highlighting how religious institutions are important vehicles for the arrival of public policies.

What is the relationship between politics and spiritualism?

“Contrary to the recognized political activity of sectors of the Catholic church (such as the pastoral movements and militancy around liberation theology) and the churches that provide a popular base for the evangelical bench in the Legislature, the spiritist movement hardly makes articulations of a political order in its theological structure.”

To learn more about this and other concepts that show the history and aspects of the spiritist doctrine, access João Damasio's 'Glossary'.

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