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First cultural occupation of the former Dops

Day 21 (from 5pm) and day 22 (from 11am)
Location: Rua da Recção, 40 – Centro

Ocupa Dops, which is being organized by organizations and activists leading the campaign to transform this building into a space for memories of resistance and social struggles, will bring together former political prisoners, families of those killed and disappeared during the dictatorship, artists and activists of social movements in Rio de Janeiro, For the transformation of the former Dops/RJ building into a space of memory of resistance and social struggles.


 4pm – Concentration
5pm – Public Class with Professor Luciana Lombardo – PUC-RJ History Department
6pm – Washing of Building Entrances/Capoeira – Cia de Mystérios and Roda de Capoeira Angola Manifesto
7pm – Reading of the Manifesto for the Transformation of ex-dops into a space of memory of the resistance – Tribute to the ex-prisoners, the persecuted, the dead and disappeared.
8pm – Hip-Hop – Culture Bond
21st and 30th – Samba Circle
+ projections (projection and cineciclecine) + performances (students from the Angel Viana dance school) + interviews
 11 am – Concentration and assembly of the photography exhibition (expanded debate on the organization of the public event on April 1st)
2pm – Table on state violence in the past and present (Jessie Jane – Professor of History at UFRJ and former director of AEPERJ | Raul Nin – Coletivo DAR | Fernando – Human Rights Laboratory of Manguinhos | State Mechanism for the Prevention and Combat of Torture)
4pm – Dance Performances and reading of Censored Pieces / ASBAT E Instituto Augusto Boal (Angel Vianna dance school)
6pm – Film Screenings
8pm – Closing