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Retrospective 2022: a collective work to rescue democracy

The year that seemed to never end, with tensions, concerns, a lot of work, but never without faith and courage, came to an end and with a different hope than when it started. Because the dream dreamed together, with multiple efforts, of a better country with its democracy formally rescued, happened. And this is not by chance, but the result of the gigantic and dedicated work of important parts and activist groups of Brazilian society. It has been a long and difficult journey to get here. And the last Newsletters of 2022 (check it out here: part 1 It is part 2) show a little of ISER's participation in this work articulated with many other social actors in our country in favor of democracy, rights, justice, peace and more.

Among so many actions, we highlight the impact on public debate, especially on religion and politics, with attention on the actions of Christian groups, such as evangelicals. This has been done by us for years, well beyond the electoral period. Now, with the growing strength of religious groups in the institutional space, ISER has expanded its public presence, as seen in different media, promoting more knowledge and dialogue in this context of challenges. Articulation and meetings for rights were actions that encouraged and mobilized different social action groups, as can be seen in this publication.

Struggles for rights in a justice system marked by contradictions was another area of outstanding action by ISER this year, articulated with different groups in collective actions for less punitiveness and more rights. Both locally, nationally and internationally, as can be seen in the retrospective below.

Different faith groups acted for the climate aiming at environmental justice, with activities throughout Brazil, and even at COP27, also bringing together indigenous leaders, climate scientists and activists. Always with a lot of hope and commitment, because the challenges that surround us are monumental. Faith, for the climate, moves our actions and mobilizes minds and hearts for climate justice.

The year comes to an end, the fights continue, but our hope, more than renewed, is strengthened. Certainly, the new year will bring a lot of struggle, on so many fronts, to guarantee rights, dignity, justice and well-being. But if we've come this far, with all the problems and fears of this coming cycle, the future will certainly be more promising.

We go together hand in hand, with a lively heart, a healthy head and steady feet towards a happier and ever-transforming journey in 2023.

Happy Holidays hug from the entire ISER team.