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Open position – Communication and Writing Consultancy

About the Institute for Religious Studies (ISER)

ISER – Instituto de Estudos da Religião – is a Brazilian civil society organization of secular character, whose objective is to promote studies, research and social intervention in the thematic axes of defense and guarantee of rights, public security, environment and religious diversity. With 53 years of existence, ISER's main work fronts are currently: religion and social justice, structured from two programs: Religion and Public Space It is Justice and Rights System.

Find out more about ISER’s work at www.iser.org.br/sobre.

About the Vacancy

This position will be responsible for planning and executing communication actions, in collaboration with ISER's Communication Coordination.

Main activities

  • Production of texts, releases, notes;
  • Preparation of relevant content and scripts, based on ISER research and productions, translating research content for the general public;
  • Creation of institutional articles and briefings for spokespersons;
  • Contact and relationship with the press;
  • Preparation of reports and mailings;
  • Creation and management of the fortnightly newsletter and internal bulletins;
  • Clipping monitoring and analysis;
  • Execute the production of Q&A's, briefings and interview feedback;
  • Support in the production of content for social networks (scripts, articles, carousels);
  • Crisis management;
  • Execute brand positioning actions and campaigns.
  • Contribute to the organization/production of audiovisual and communication products for events promoted by ISER;
  • Availability to cover external events and actions;
  • Execute and co-create strategic communication planning.


  • Complete degree in Social Communication (Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing or related areas);
  • Interest or prior experience in Human Rights organizations and the third sector;
  • Excellent text writing and oral communication;
  • Knowledge in copywriting techniques, SEO, engagement and social media strategies.
  • Self-management skills, organization and teamwork, seeking and sharing knowledge;
  • Previous experience in press relations and/or writing;


  • Previous work or interest in the third sector and/or public bodies;
  • Knowledge of copywriting techniques, marketing funnel and SEO;
  • Skill or aptitude with tools such as MailChimp, Canva, StreamYard and WordPress.
  • Interest or knowledge in issues related to religion, public space, environment and rights.
  • Knowledge of English and/or Spanish.

General information: 

Workplace: Hybrid (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

Workload: 30 hours, with availability to start in May 2024.

Hiring system: PJ, R$4,000.00 per month.

Send CV, portfolio and cover letter with salary expectations to selecao@iser.org.br until 23/04/2024.

Preference for candidacies from black or indigenous people, women and LGBTI+.