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Open Vacancy – Internship in Administrative/Financial

Vacancy Requirements
 Be attending higher education in: Accounting or Administrative Sciences (from
preference until the fourth period);
 Intermediate skills in Excel, PowerPoint and Word;
 Easy to learn in other software;
 Analytical vision;
 Systemic view;
 Good interpersonal relationships;
 Adherence to the cause.

General information:

 Delivery of CVs: 06/21/2024
 6 hours a day
 Work location: Rio de Janeiro/RJ – Center
 Training forecast: preferably 06/2026

Vacancy Benefits:
 Grant Grant: R$ 1,500.00
 Transport voucher or mobility allowance
 Health Benefit
 Food assistance R$ 700.00
 Birthday DayOff
 End of year break
Working days: Monday to Friday

Main activities:

  • Support Financial Processes
  • Access ERP system
  • Movement according to the payment write-off, attaching proof of payment
    (Average of 250 payments per month / average of 20 cost centers for separation)
  • Conference accountability of advances and reimbursements;
  • Checking card and cash notes
  • ERP system reporting
  • Launch in the ERP system (considering accounting nature and management account)
  • Handle accounting and management cost plan
  • Support in separating documents for audit

Support Administrative Processes

  • Additive production
  • Document scanning
  • Document archive
  • Document signature collections

Send CV to selecao@iser.org.br by 06/21/2024.

Affirmative vacancy for applications from black or indigenous people, women and LGBTI+

Work location: Rio de Janeiro – RJ – 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday.