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XI Annual Seminar: The Challenges in Confronting Torture

We represent the State Council for the Defense of Human Rights on the Committee for the Prevention and Combat of Torture and we will contribute to the discussions at this very important meeting for the Prevention System, on the day December 8, from 9 am to 5:30 pm.

In allusion to International Human Rights Day, the State Committee and Mechanism for the Prevention and Combat of Torture of Rio de Janeiro invite people, organizations and authorities committed to the release and absolute prohibition of torture to their annual debate on the main challenges and works related to people deprived of liberty in Rio de Janeiro.

Starting at 9 am, the seminar will feature a table on What's left of Carandiru, marking the 30th anniversary of the massacre that took place in São Paulo and which marks the persistent tragedy of the Brazilian penitentiary system.

At 2 pm, the debate will take place Behind the bars I exist and I resist: discussion of gender and race in the socio-educational and prison system, focusing on people who are preferentially targeted by incarcerating gear and subjected to increased vulnerabilities during and after imprisonment.

At 4 pm, the closing table will be devoted to concrete recommendations for confronting human rights violations that reflect the work of the National System for the Prevention and Combat of Torture on the topics covered, especially in light of the actions of the MNPCT, MEPCT/RJ and CEPCT /RJ.

The annual seminar is an opportunity to strengthen civil society networks, state policies, research and anti-torture initiatives, through an open-to-the-public, participatory and closing meeting of CEPCT/RJ in 2022.

📍 R. da Ajuda, 5 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ (take your identity document to register at the Alerj reception)