Covid in Prisons

covid in prisons is an initiative articulated by ISER, in an effort to systematize information, reflections, actions and documents produced by civil society partners and bodies of the justice system, related to measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the Brazilian prison system. It is a platform built by many hands.

From this Platform, the book “Covid in Prisons”: Pandemia and the fight for justice in Brazil (2020-2021) was born. The publication brings together contributions from family members, prison survivors, academics and allied institutional actors on the impact of the pandemic on prisons.

incidence locations

nationally, but with a focus on the State of Rio de Janeiro


‎ Rights & Justice System


Bruna Portella, Eliene Vieira, Isabel Pereira, Jordhanna Cavalcante, Natasha Neri and Nina Barrouin


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