Evangelical left in the 2020 elections

This research aims to analyze party-political strategies, alliances and narratives of left-wing evangelical candidacies in the 2020 municipal elections in eight Brazilian capitals for the Legislative and Executive. Our initial focus is on the following cases: Bancada Evangélica Popular movement, Christians against Fascism and Plural movement. However, interspersing quantitative and qualitative methodologies, a database on religious candidacies will be created from the information released by the TSE, which will allow us to make inferences about a more general field of Evangelical, Catholic and Afro-Brazilian left-wing candidacies in these elections. In parallel with the production of this bank of candidacies, news in the press and electoral propaganda on television and social networks will be monitored. Mapping and analysis will be available at Religion and Power platform.

Goals: To analyze strategies, narratives and political-party alliances of left-wing evangelicals in the 2020 elections with a view to contributing to the public debate on the exercise of democracy in Brazil.

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Coordinator: Christina Vital da Cunha | Team: João Luiz Moura, Magali Cunha, Gabrielle Abreu and Matheus Pestana


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