ISER Communications No. 74

From presence to screen: Disembodiment of custody hearings in the pandemic in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Check out the release of ISER Communications n. 74, on custody hearings in the Covid-19 pandemic. The publication is the result of research, developed by the Rights area, which analyzes the content of judicial decisions handed down by the Rio de Janeiro judiciary between March and August 2020 in arrest records in flagrante delicto.

Between the suspension and the virtualization of the hearings, a dynamic of “disembodiment” of the process prevailed, removing the fundamental element of the presence of the custodian before the judge. Faced with this return to the document and/or screen, the research sought to investigate how the flows of imprisonment were affected by the health crisis, in this period in which the CNJ recommended the maximum exceptionality of provisional prisons.

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