de nova publicação do ISER Aborto, tributação econômica, política trabalhista e agronegócio têm sido temáticas fundamentais para organizações católicas conservadoras que atuam no âmbito jurídico. É o que revela a pesquisa “Cartografia dos Catolicismos Jurídicos Antigênero”, produzida pelo Instituto de Estudos da Religião (ISER)



Cartography of Antigender Legal Catholicisms

Find out how conservative Catholic organizations have acted in the judiciary against gender, sexual and reproductive rights.

Abortion, economic taxation, labor policy and agribusiness have been fundamental themes for conservative Catholic organizations operating in the legal sphere. This is what the research “Cartography of Antigender Legal Catholicisms”, produced by the Institute of Religious Studies (ISER) reveals. By observing the dynamics involving religious groups in the sociopolitical scenario, ISER created the Working Group on Catholicisms and Conservatisms and brought together experts from different disciplinary and theoretical fields, but convergent in the interest of complexifying the discussion on the relevance of the actions of Catholic actors. for conservative hardening in Brazil.

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