ISER Communications, Special Edition

The Evangelical Negro

This is a very special issue of ISER Communications. It escapes the rule of varied articles, which make up a “magazine”, to become a small book. It brings together part of the results of a larger research on a topic still almost virgin in Brazilian literature. Blackness issues have been extensively researched and discussed within the scope of Afro-Brazilian religions. Much less is known about its implications in Catholicism, and almost nothing in the sphere of Protestantism.

The black presence in the leadership of several evangelical denominations is a fact that calls attention, perhaps related to their minority condition, and to the values of equality that are usually manifested
in your messages. The “believers”, it seems, opened possibilities of manifestation that were not found elsewhere. However, the same condition of minority, and the discourse
egalitarianism, lead to a radical denial that the racial problem exists within the Protestant churches. The open opportunities are therefore contradictory, since, at the same time, they allow the presence of the black to be affirmed and ask to be denied.

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