Communications from ISER N° 75

Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Religions and Punishment

The field of political dispute for sexual and reproductive rights is closely connected to the anti-punitive struggle. Even though the possible – and necessary – alliance between feminisms and penal abolitionism is often crossed by tensions and disagreements, the current situation calls on civil society and social movements to explore the significant overlaps between these rights agendas.

In its history, the Institute of Religious Studies – ISER developed research and sought to expand the questioning of criminalization processes that mainly affect black and working-class women, with the aim of contributing to the debate on the issue of abortion, especially considering the clashes in the religious field. Seeking to continue the work already developed, and considering the urgency of the current situation, this publication aims to contribute to the fight for the dignity of all people who, because they decide not to conceive, have their lives crossed by State penal agencies; as well as those who have the full exercise of motherhood/fatherhood prohibited by prison violence.

To meet this challenge, this edition of ISER Communications relied on the expertise of researchers and activists: Maria José Rosado (Zeca), Emanuelle Góes and Lusmarina Campos Garcia. The three invited organizers, in dialogue with the team from the ISER Rights and Justice System area, composed a plural mosaic of texts that explain the tensions and the possible and powerful dialogues between the demands for sexual and reproductive rights, the anti-punitive struggle and the religious field in Brazil.

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