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What do Brazilians think about Ecology?

The studies published here are part of the research program What Brazilians Think about Ecology. This program was conceived and developed by a multi-institutional and multidisciplinary team from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), institutionally centered on the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences (MAST).

This team was coordinated by researchers Samyra Crespo (MAST/ISER) and Pedro Leitão (CETEM), in addition to a group of fellows and independent consultants. This program was intended to contribute to the national debate on ecology, environment and development carried out in Brazil around the RI0-92. and opinion-forming groups, collecting data on two aspects: on the one hand, concepts, information, currents of ideas, main arguments and dominant trends in the professional and academic debate on ecology and the environment; on the other hand, values, perceptions, interests, behavior and willingness to change the habits of the population in the face of an unprecedented environmental crisis. Complementarily, the program aimed to gather information about the conditions and means that structure the environmental field in Brazil, understood as the set of initiatives and instruments that serve to form an ecological conscience in the country.

To achieve these ends, the program opened the following work fronts: 1) Survey of environmental information possessed by the university public present at the annual meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC) in 1991. 2) Public opinion survey at national level national. 3) Interviews with opinion-forming groups. 4) Survey of university production: theses, books and published articles. 5) Survey of national editorial production. 6) Survey of mainstream press coverage of environmental issues. 7) Survey of the profile of non-governmental environmentalists. quantitative data that, as a whole, record a special moment in the formation of Brazilian environmental awareness

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