Religion and Politics - an analysis of the performance of evangelical parliamentarians on women's and LGBT rights in Brazil

The book, written by Christina Vital and Paulo Victor Leite Lopes, reflects on the presence of religious people in the current public space, with an emphasis on the role of evangelicals in the media and in politics, presenting an understanding of who evangelicals are in Brazil and analyzing the heterogeneity of these actors.

The publication also includes an analysis of the arguments used by evangelical politicians to justify their opposition to the expansion of the rights of the LGBT population and women and of the mechanisms used by religious people to act in the national political field. Another issue addressed by the book is the place of evangelicals as spokespersons for cultural values constructed between Christian religious precepts and humanist and republican notions.

The book features articles by two judges. Roberto Lorea, judge and PhD in Social Anthropology, who analyzes the secular nature of the State and the set of guidelines that interfere in the actions of magistrates in contemporary Brazil. The other article is signed by Roger Raupp Rios, judge and doctor in public law, who develops an analysis of the content of secularism in the Brazilian legal system and its relationship with fundamental rights.

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